Natural Rebels is a platform for black women to lead the way in environmental justice.

Natural Rebels was created as a solution to a racial and socioeconomic problem in the environmental sector of society. Thus far, the sustainability and climate change fight has been heard and dominated from mostly one point of view, and because of this limited outlook on the situation many people, including afro-women (women with significant African ancestry) has been left out or not thought of as a primary focus in discussions.

Natural Rebels strives to not only include afro-women into the environmental conversation, but it also strives to get them more involved. Our participation is vital as climate change and wasteful environmental practices affects our communities at an alarming rate. Heather Toney could not have said it better below.

Heather McTeer Toney, The New York Times, "Black Women Are Leaders in the Climate Movement"

"Many of us live in communities with polluted air and water, work in industries from housekeeping to hairdressing where we are surrounded by toxic chemicals and have limited food options that are often impacted by pesticides. Environmentalism, in other words, is a black issue."

Natural Rebels invites afro-women and allies of our cause to join us in spreading awareness throughout our community so we can start protecting our Earth who badly needs warriors at her side.